Acryl Data Raised $21M Series A

California-based, Acryl Data, a datahub platform raised $21 million led by 8VC in a Series A round.

The round was actively backed by Sherpalo Ventures Founder Ram Shriram, and Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch.

Acryl Data DataHub $21M Series By 8VC

CEO of Acryl Data, Swaroop Jagadish said that the funds raised will enable Acryl Data to develop a high-fidelity DataHub and new data discovery platform.

Acryl Data is a DataHub and community data management platform that stores decentralized data stacks. Acryl Data was founded with a vision to bring clarity to data. It also provides clients with a data stack solution, observability, and governance.

Moreover, Acryl Data is used by many tech companies as a common data source that helps them to link technical and non-technical data. Pinterest, Stripe, Optum, and more are using Acryl Data.

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