Hello Everyone, I wanted to briefly share something that I recently discovered. If you read my last post about OS Installation and Using A Server OS With A Workstation Motherboard you may recall that a little .inf modification is required in order to detect/use the Intel 82579V Gigabit NIC in Windows Server 2012.

After getting this second NIC functional, I then proceeded to install Hyper-V. During the initial role installation, you are prompted to select a NIC as the Hyper-V virtual switch. However, at least in my case, although both NIC are now present to the OS, and functionality had been tested/confirmed, only the Intel 82574L appears in the list of NIC available. Therefore, it is because of this that I made my Intel 82579V NIC my external/Internet connection port, and the 82574L as my Hyper-V NIC.

I emphasize during the “initial” role installation, because after Hyper-V is installed, when you access the Hyper-V Manager and open the Virtual Switch Manager, you can in fact change the external adapter from the Intel 82574L to the 82579V. Now, I haven’t tried this change yet, but I assume it would work on account of it being available in the list.

HyperV Virtua Switch


Once I finish copying all 50 GB of lab software (i.e. OS’s, Middleware ISO’s, etc.) to my new host, I will then be in a position to start creating my lab environment (i.e. AD/Domain, SQL Server, System Center products, etc.). So stay tuned.