Auradine Raised $81M Series By Celesta Capital

California-based, Auradine, a web infra solution provider for security, AI, and blockchain raised $81 million led by Celesta Capital in a Series A funding round.

The round was actively backed by Mayfield. Auradine company has announced some changes in the board after this round. Navin Chaddha and Sriram Viswanathan join the board. This round was also participated by Cota Capital, Marathon Digital Holdings, Stanford University, and DCVC.

Auradine Raised $81M Series A

CEO Auradine, Rajiv Khemani, said that the raised funds will be used for Auradine expansion in other markets. Auradine is a packed solution for all web3 needs like security, AI development, and blockchain. Auradine is working on an energy-efficient silicon that helps AI to improve its potential for all decentralized apps.

After Series A, Auradine has made some changes in its tech, R&D, and marketing board. Moreover, they have the best professors group in AI research in security and privacy.

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