Comparing ARM Templates with Azure Building Blocks – Part 1: Introduction

Early in October, announced a new set of tools as a simplified deployment method for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, called Azure Building Blocks (ABB).

Azure Building Blocks

Azure Building Blocks

Put simply, you don’t have to create any ARM templates, you just need to create a parameter settings file, which is then used with best-practice defaults for the resource types you’re trying to deploy.  However, the actual build execution is completed through the AZBB command-line tool.

Azure Building Blocks - Command Interface

Azure Building Blocks – Command Interface

Curious about this new simplified method, since I struggle sometimes with building fully functioning ARM templates, I decided to run through the first tutorial Microsoft provides.

In this mini-series, I will go through the process end-to-end for Azure Building Blocks, and then re-create the same components in a single ARM template in order to compare.

Let’s start with seeing Azure Building Blocks (ABB) in action.

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