Hi everyone, I came across this issue while recording some videos to go along with the articles I have written/posted (NOTE: MiCloud now has its own YouTube channel!).

So, in System Center Orchestrator, after you have downloaded, installed, registered, and deployed Integration Packs, you need to setup/configure the connection between Orchestrator and the product. In this case, I was demonstrating with the System Center Operations Manager Integration Pack. When I attempted to configure the connection to the SCOM server, and tested the connection, Orchestrator threw an error. No big deal right? Wrong! The error was blank/empty! Even checking the Event Logs didn’t provide any help.

SCORCH Connection Blank Error

So what is the solution? Well, I never did find any log files or event logs, etc. that could help point me in the right direction. However, I remembered that when using Orchestrator (and integrating with other systems) you need the application’s console installed. So in this case, since I was working with the SCOM Integration Pack, I had to install the SCOM Console (and connect that console to the SCOM Management Server).

I won’t walk through how to install the SCOM console (you can see how through my SCOM Installation Guide). After I completed the SCOM console installation and connected it to the Management Server, I went back into the Orchestrator Runbook Designer and attempted to create the connection. This time I was able to successfully test the connection.

SCORCH Connection Successful

So, the lesson is, when working with Orchestrator and Integration Packs, always remember to install the console for the System Center product you are working with. If only Microsoft would include useful information in Error messages 😉