Cranium Raises $25M in Series A Funding

Cranium Raised $25M Series By Telstra Ventures

New Jersey-based, Cranium, an AI-based security company raised $25 million from Telstra Ventures in Series A.

The total fund raised by Cranium after this round is $32 million. The round was backed by SYN Ventures and KPMG LLP.

Cranium AI $25M Series By Telstra, KPMG, and SYN

CEO of Cranium, Jonathan Dambrot said that we will use these funds for R&D, research, and expansion of Cranium in different countries.

Cranium is a software company that uses AI to help strengthen security systems. Cranium allows business to grow their visibility, without compromising their security and encryption. Cranium uses GenAI systems that monitor real-time environments and eliminate threats and security issues.

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