Here is a scenario that has recently come up for a Client that I’m working with. This client is a large Azure consumer and utilizes Azure datacenters all over the world.

Initially, they were using automation tools such as Concourse and image building tools such as Packer, to create their custom image in one Azure region, and then copy the resulting VHD file (to different Azure Storage accounts) across Azure regions and across subscriptions.

Although this worked, there are a lot of moving parts, which could cause issues due to the many different dependencies.

This entire copying process is now more streamlined and simplified, thanks to the Shared Image Gallery.

Shared Image Gallery Distribution
Shared Image Gallery Distribution

But the next question that comes up is: Should we create a custom image, or use the Azure Marketplace image?

This is what we will be discussing in this series. So with this short introduction out of the way, let’s consider the first option: Custom Images.