In the introduction to this series, we identified that there are multiple parts of the cloud migration journey; namely: Discover, Assess, Migrate, Manage, and Operate.

We will cover various tools that either falls into one of or span multiple phases in the migration journey.

As a quick-link reference, here is the list of tools this series will cover:

Continuing our focus on the tool(s) that fall within the third phase, Migrate, the next tool that we categorize under Migration is the Azure Migration Center.

This is less of a tool and more of a guide. It breaks down your whole migration journey into 3 phases: Assess, Migrate, Optimize. Within each of these phases, it contains several steps to complete. For example, in the Assess phase, it breaks this phase down into Discover, Map On-Premises Applications, and Evaluate.

I particularly like the guidance provided in the Migration phase, as it includes information on different approaches to consider, like Re-Host, Re-Factor, Re-Architect, and Re-Build. It also has examples of when you would want to use that approach, and the migration steps involved.

What Is It Used For?

This site actually helps to guide you through the various migration phases (as we have been exploring in this series). In all reality, it’s very much like a summarization of all the phases, tools, etc. that we’ve included in this series.

It is a great place to start your migration journey and helps you learn what you need to factor in each step of the way.

Pro’s vs Con’s

Here is a quick list of what we deem as Pro’s/Con’s of this tool.


  • Contains a guided approach to the migration journey
  • Includes links and references to appropriate tools, and even 3rd party Partners
  • Featured videos include walkthrough examples and demos of tools


  • The site is a guide, not a tool; it will link/direct you to the applicable Microsoft Docs page for the tool/process itself

Other Thoughts

As we have already stated, the Azur Migration Center is a great starting point in the whole migration journey. It is not a tool, but it’s a guide to help you/your customers along the process in a clear and structured manner.

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