In the introduction to this series, we identified that there are multiple parts of the cloud migration journey; namely: Discover, Assess, Migrate, Manage, and Operate.

We will cover various tools that either falls into one of or span multiple phases in the migration journey.

As a quick-link reference, here is the list of tools this series will cover:

This specific series does not go into details on the various Management and Optimization tools available for a cloud environment (that may be another follow-on series). All the tools that we have considered fall within the first 3 phase of the migration journey (Discover, Assess, Migrate).

If you are interested in exploring further tools within the ‘Manage’ phase of the migration journey, I would recommend you take a look at my other series on “Azure Monitoring Tools Explained”, or also explore some of the many articles I’ve written on Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery.

As for the ‘Optimize’ phase, within the “Azure Monitoring Tools Explained” series, there is a specific post on Azure Advisor and another post on Azure Security Center (ASC) which help with recommendations about high availability, performance, and security.

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