In this series, we explored the many different tools, utilities, and options available to perform cloud assessments, planning, readiness checks, and migrations.

We covered the different phases that make up the migration journey, namely: Discover, Assess, Migrate, Manage, and Optimize.

Many of these tools performed multiple functions across more than one phase of the migration journey.

As a quick-link reference, here is the list of tools this series covered:

Throughout this series, we strived to explore each of the currently available tools, and provide information about what they are, what you use them for, along with some pro’s and con’s, and other thoughts based on our experience with them.

To help summarize, we have created a simple flowchart to show all the tools we’ve considered, what categories (as a tool can cross multiple categories) they fall into, and how they relate to each other.

Azure Migrations – Flow Chart

And that’s the end of our series. We hope you found it useful/helpful in putting together the various pieces of Azure migration toolsets.

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