In the introduction to this series, we identified that there are multiple parts of the cloud migration journey; namely: Discover, Assess, Migrate, Manage, and Operate.

We will cover various tools that either falls into one of or span multiple phases in the migration journey.

As a quick-link reference, here is the list of tools this series will cover:

Continuing our focus on the tool(s) that fall within the first phase: Discovery, the next tool that we categorize under Discovery, is Custom Scripts.

What Is It Used For?

Custom Scripts are fairly self-explanatory. They are used to collect data about your environment (or a specific element of your environment) and possibly will include some level of reporting as well.

The challenge is that there is an infinite number of custom, community-based scripts out there. And you have to decide for yourself if you trust the authors/scripts. The other challenge is that the script may or may not work in your environment, may need some higher level of permissions/access to work correctly, etc.

Here are a few examples of custom scripts that could be used for discovery:

IMPORTANT: We do not endorse the use of any of these scripts. Please use at your own risk.

Pro’s vs Con’s

Here is a quick list of what we deem as Pro’s/Con’s of this tool.


  • Usually available for free
  • Community contributed (meaning others can contribute/improve)
  • No additional software, infrastructure, etc. to set up and configure for use


  • Potentially damaging to the environment
  • May not include any reporting (just a data export)
  • Some scripts may no longer be maintained/updated to support newer environments/OSes

Other Thoughts

When using custom scripts, we would recommend reviewing the script itself. If you’re trying to obtain some specific information, you may be able to extract a specific portion of the script that you need. That way you know exactly what you are executing in your environment.

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