Digital Onboarding Raised $58M By Volition

Digital Onboarding, a financial advisory, Saas relationship management company raised $58M led by Volition Capital in their growth funding.

Volition Capital invests in small founder-owned companies that work with the vision to provide services for the betterment of people. The funding invested in Digital Onboarding is its most recent funding round.

Digital Onboarding Saas 58M Volition

As we can see banks are coping with the growing technological trends like introducing online banking to provide a wholesome experience to their customers. However, not all new customers are used to these complex online banking systems.

So, to make the online banking experience like easy money deposit and withdrawal, easy for customers.

Hence, the founders of Digital Onboarding Edward Brown and Jonathan Crossman, said that the raised $58M in growth funding would be used to improve customer support and to grow their team by nearly double the workforce by the end of 2024 to provide better banking, and finance management to their customers.

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