Firmus Raised New Financing Round By Navitas Capital

Florida-based, Firmus, a cybersecurity solution provider and pre-constructive AI risk management company raised a new financing round led by Navitas Capital in May 2024 without disclosing the amount.

The round was actively backed by Unorthodox Ventures, PiLabs, and Heartland Ventures.

Firmus Raised New Financing Series for Pre-Construction AI Risk Management

CEO Firmus, Shir Abecasis said in a press briefing that the raised amount will be used for further development of AI designs, review, new integration, and accelerated growth with deeper market analysis.

Firmus is an AI review and analysis platform that helps businesses and developers work on design errors at their early stages and solve the issue before the product is available for general use. Firmus has a group of AI tools and software that scan drawing templates, review them, and detect issues such as scope gaps, incomplete design, etc.

Moreover, Firmus allows users to directly use PDF templates of any field do a comprehensive analysis, and present a whole interactive dashboard that helps business to understand the risks and how it will look after completion.

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