FreeBnk Raised $3M Funding By Founderheads

Lithuania-based, FreeBnk, a fintech company that offers services tailored for crypto investors specifically, raised $3 million led by Founderheads in token and equity funding.

LVT Capital, ChaiTech Ventures, and Lavender Capital actively backed the round.

Lithuania-Based FreeBnk Raised $3M Series

Co-founders FreeBnk, Arash Lowni (CDO), and Yunus Emre Ozkaya (CEO) said that the funds raised will help FreeBnk with research and development, customizations, enhance usability and accessibility.

FreeBnk operates independently as Neobank and offers various services specifically for crypto investors. They help crypto investors to invest in gold, bonds, property, and stocks. FreeBnk uses MPC technology to offer gas feeless transactions across the globe.

FreeBnk is a feature-loaded app that includes Real-world assets tokenization, low transaction fees, gas feeless cross transfers, international fiat money transfers, low lending rates, and assets insurance.

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