Hubble Network Raised $20M Series A

Seattle-based, Hubble Network, creator of a global satellite network solution that can be accessed by any Bluetooth-enabled phone, raised $20 million led by Transpose Platform in a Series A.

The round was actively backed by Y Combinator, 11.2 Capital, Convective Capital, Yes.VC, Type One Ventures, Seraphim Space, AVCF5, Soma, Jett McCandless, Space.VC, John Kim, CEO of Project44, Chris Nguyen, CEO of Sendbird, Don Dodge, and Alan Keating.

Seattle-based Hubble Network Bluetooth Enabled Satellite Connection Raised $20M

Co-founder Hubble, Alex Haro, and Ben Wild said that the funds raised will be used to launch more satellites to make the connection more stable, and onboard initial customers.

Hubble Network is a tech company that helps Bluetooth enable devices to connect with satellite connections easily. Users can connect to the Hubble satellite network without requiring any external hardware. With this new approach to connecting Bluetooth-enabled devices directly to the satellite, Hubble Network can change entire wireless network operations.

Moreover, Hubble Network opens new possibilities for companies and individuals. The first set of satellites is ready to launch in the 2024 Q4.

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