Infinite Orbits Raised €12M By Newfund Capital

Infinite Orbits Raised €12M By Newfund Capital

France-based, Infinite Orbits, a NewSpace business that created new limits for in-orbit services raised €12 million led by Newfund Capital in Series funding.

The round was actively participated by Space Founders France, IRDI Capital Investissement, and EIC Fund.

Infinite Orbits Raised €12M Series

CEO Infinite Orbits, Adel Haddoud said that the raised funds will be used for further development of RPO technology (rendezvous and proximity operations technology) and also the funds will be used for lab and space tests before 1st launch.

Infinite Orbits, is best in class in NewSpace services. They specialize in developing in-orbit services for satellite operators. Infinite Orbits raised funds because we want to accelerate their main project Endurance: A program that offers a Life Extension for the satellite used by companies for space assets. Endurance works to increase the life of their satellite so that they earn some returns on their investment. The first Endurance mission is planned for 2026.

Moreover, CEO Adel clarified that they have been working on the Endurance roadmap for a long and this funding enables them to finally work on this project. Infinite Orbits has done some strategic partnerships with ESA & CNES and with support for EIC (European Innovation Council) in 2019. This led to the first launch of Orbit Guard™#1 on May 1st, 2023, which also showcased their vision.

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