In our previous post (ITQ’s End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator (EUPSCO) – Part 6: Portal Configuration), we covered the post-install Portal Configuration. In this post we follow Damian Flynn’s steps on the First Launch.

The following is a re-write (to accommodate screenshots) from Damian Flynn’s article, with the addition of screenshots by me.


System Center 2012 R2 – Orchestrator: EUPSCO First Launch

Now that the installation and configuration is completed, we can now check/test the website to ensure everything is working.

If you created a new Website in Internet Information Services (IIS), you may have to start the website (as it is Stopped by default). Launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, expand ServerName > Sites, and select the website. Then right-click on the website and select Manage Website > Start.

EUPSCO - Manage Website - Start

One the website has been started, open a browser and navigate to the site. In my lab example this is http://EUPSCO/. You can also use http://localhost/.

EUPSCO Home Page

It may take a few minutes to load the site the first time, because Internet Information Services (IIS) needs to compile the code before loading it.

A few final notes.

You may be prompted to authenticate (login) to the site, as it is not listed in the Trusted Sites list. Also, by default the Domain Administrator is the administrator account for the portal. If you want to change this, open the Web.Config file and look for the key entry labelled “AdminUserIDs”.

WebConfig - AdminUserIDs

That’s it for this post series. In the future I will post articles about creating Orchestrator Runbooks.

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