Kognitos Raised $20M Series A

California-based, Kognitos, a generative AI model that enables businesses to automate processes raised $20 million led by Khosla Ventures in a Series A round.

The round was actively participated by Wipro Ventures, Clear Ventures, and Engineering Capital. After this round, the total funds raised to date by Kognitos is about $30 million.

Kognitos $20M By Khosla Ventures

Kognitos $20M By Khosla Total $30M Featured WiggersTechCrunch: CEO Kognitos, Binny Gill said that the raised funds will be used for the expansion and platform up-gradation that enable the platform to understand the complex business models.

Kognitos is a generative AI model that uses NLPA to automate finance, invoicing, team management, and more businesses. Kognitos enables users to perform business automation through no codes and an RPA platform so that a small business can automate their process without the need of a developer.

Moreover, many big companies such as Wipro, PepsiCo, Norco Industries, etc use Kognito for t

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