Kudos Raised $10.2M Series By QED Investors

California-based, Kudos, a Los Angeles smart wallet company that uses advanced AI to optimize rewards and cashback for consumers, raised $10.2 million led by QED Investors in a Series A round.

The rounds were actively backed by SV Angel, Samsung Next, Patron, Newtype Ventures, The Mini Fund, Precursor Ventures, Brian Kelly (founder of The Points Guy), and the Four Cities Fund.

Kudos Raised $10.2M Series A

CEO Kudos, Tikue Anazodo said in an interview that Kudos will use these funds to expand its operations and strategic partnership with other service providers that augment our smart wallet capabilities to the next level.

Kudos is an AI smart wallet used by over 200,000 active members. Kudos help detect the best discount a user can get while shopping and recommend the best payment method on which a user gets maximum cashback. It is your personal financial advisor that maximizes your rewards

Moreover, Kudos has recently programmed MariaGPT and Dream Wallet (an advanced AI program), which helps you decide the best credit card according to your spending habits fills the gap between your salary and bills, and ensures that a credit card is best fit for you. It has more than 3000 credit cards in its database.

Also, Kudos Boost is a personalized rewards program that sorts cards by rewards program across 15,000 partner brands. Kudos is available on a browser extension compatible with Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

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