Mercor Raised $3.6M Funding

California-based, Mercor, an AI-based automated platform that connects companies with required talent, raised $3.6 million led by General Catalyst in funding.

The round was actively backed by 2 | Twelve Angels, Scott Sandell, Link Ventures, and Soma Capital.

California-based Mercor Raised $3.6M

Mercor CEO Brendan Foody, CTO Adarsh Hiremath, and COO Surya Midha said that Mercor was started with a vision to make hiring transparent and easy for MNCs. The funds raised will be used to optimize the platform and development.

Mercor is an automated AI-based platform that helps connect talent to land the right job. It has an advanced AI that allows shortlisting the best talent for required positions by passing it through a high-security hiring funnel.

Moreover, Mercor specializes in pulling job seeker data from resumes, personal portfolio websites, GitHub, and LinkedIn to assess them and check whether they are suitable for the position.

Mercor can also perform one-by-one interviews and save the progress so that the company hiring manager can check it later before calling for the final interview. Mercor has 100,000 users in an active talent pool across 25 countries.

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