Not too long ago, I wrote the Azure Monitoring Tools Explained series. And within that series, there was a part on the Azure Advisor service.

Well, the Azure Advisor team has been hard at work. And as of yesterday, they have released 3 new Advisor recommendations!

If these recommendations are applicable to your subscription and resources used in Azure, you will see them in your recommendation list in Azure Advisor.

Here is a brief description of each new recommendation:


Virtual Machine Reserved Instances

Buy virtual machine reserved instances to save money over pay-as-you-go costs: This cost recommendation will be shown for anyone that could save money using reserved instances. It will show you the regions and SKUs where you could save the most money and how much you could potentially save.

Azure – VM – Reserved Instances – Cost Benefits


Technical Support Plans

Upgrade to a support plan that includes technical support: This recommendation will be shown for subscriptions that Microsoft thinks could benefit from having a technical support plan. They will direct you to options for selecting a support plan and how to upgrade.

Azure – Technical Support – Example


Standard vs Premium Storage

Migrate your data from standard storage account to premium storage account: This performance recommendation will target anyone that has a high volume of transactions on their standard storage account.


Go check out Azure Advisor today, and don’t forget to check out my review of the service in the Azure Monitoring Tools Explained series.