The ‘New’ Face of the Azure Portal? (A Blank Page!)

Recently I’ve noticed that whenever I attempt to go to the Azure portal (, that I receive a blank page/screen back!

Azure Portal - Blank Page

Azure Portal – Blank Page

Notice that the URL shows as:

The “l=en.en-us” part obviously means the language is English. But even if we remove that part, still nothing loads.

Then we have the “cdnIndex=2” part. I’m not sure what the “cdn” stands for (either “Content Delivery Network” or “Canadian”, since I’m in Canada). But if we change the index from 2 to 1 (“cdnIndex=1“), we get the login screen. At least we’re making progress!

Azure Portal - Login Prompt

Azure Portal – Login Prompt

So that’s good… but, it’s not what I’m looking for. Since I’m logged into my account (which my subscription is linked to), I’d expect single-sign-on (SSO) or “pass-through” to log me in directly.

My “solution”, because it really isn’t one, is to remove the “?cdnIndex=2&l=en.en-us” portion of the URL, which results in this:

When I do that, I can see the pass-through authentication working, and the URL changes to “” momentarily, before continuing.

Azure Portal - Login Redirect

Azure Portal – Login Redirect

Eventually I am logged into the portal as expected.

Azure Portal - Logged In

Azure Portal – Logged In

So, I don’t know why this is occurring, if it is because I am accessing it from Canada (since the new Canadian datacenters are online now), or what.

But if anyone has any other input, etc. please contact me and I’ll amend this article.

2 thoughts on “The ‘New’ Face of the Azure Portal? (A Blank Page!)

  1. Jeff

    Any ideas at all as to why this may be happening?
    Everything was fine for me Friday evening, however, this morning I experienced the very same thing.

    1. AdinErmie Post author

      Hey Jeff, I do not know why it’s happening. For me it’s been happening for a few weeks now. If you do find a solution or any other details, please contact me and I’ll add those notes to this post. Thanks.

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