Recently I’ve noticed that whenever I attempt to go to the Azure portal (, that I receive a blank page/screen back!

Azure Portal - Blank Page
Azure Portal – Blank Page

Notice that the URL shows as:

The “l=en.en-us” part obviously means the language is English. But even if we remove that part, still nothing loads.

Then we have the “cdnIndex=2” part. I’m not sure what the “cdn” stands for (either “Content Delivery Network” or “Canadian”, since I’m in Canada). But if we change the index from 2 to 1 (“cdnIndex=1“), we get the login screen. At least we’re making progress!

Azure Portal - Login Prompt
Azure Portal – Login Prompt

So that’s good… but, it’s not what I’m looking for. Since I’m logged into my account (which my subscription is linked to), I’d expect single-sign-on (SSO) or “pass-through” to log me in directly.

My “solution”, because it really isn’t one, is to remove the “?cdnIndex=2&l=en.en-us” portion of the URL, which results in this:

When I do that, I can see the pass-through authentication working, and the URL changes to “” momentarily, before continuing.

Azure Portal - Login Redirect
Azure Portal – Login Redirect

Eventually I am logged into the portal as expected.

Azure Portal - Logged In
Azure Portal – Logged In

So, I don’t know why this is occurring, if it is because I am accessing it from Canada (since the new Canadian datacenters are online now), or what.

But if anyone has any other input, etc. please contact me and I’ll amend this article.