For those of use that were not privileged enough to be able to attend Ignite this year, we have to rely on watching the video recordings afterwards.

If you’re interested in System Center, then you will definitely want to watch all of the Operations Management Suite (OMS) videos. On the OMS blog, Satya Vel listed all of the OMS sessions planned for the week.

I have re-produced that listing/table here, along with the links to the direct video recordings, to make it easier to reference and watch. On a personal note, some of them were actually not that easy to find! If there is no link, that means I could not find the session. If you are able to identify the correct video, please contact me (via my About Me page) with the link, so that I can update this table.

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Side point: The Microsoft Ignite On-Demand page states “Watch 800+ hours of idea-provoking content including Microsoft Ignite keynotes, overviews, deep dives, and more.”

If you do the math, 800 hours, at 8 hours a day… it would take 20 business days (or a full month) to catch up and watch all of the Ignite video recordings! Thought of a different way, watching 1 hour a day (not including weekends), it would take 3 years and 4 months!

I think we all need to invest in these:

Happy watching.