OQC Raised $100M Series Funding By SBI Investment

UK-based, OQC, a QCaaS (quantum computing as a service) company raised $100 million led by SBI Investment in funding.

The round was actively backed by the University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC), Lansdowne Partners, OSE (Oxford Science Enterprises), and OTIF, acted by manager OIC.

UK-based OQC (Quantum Circuits) $100M Series Japan

CEO OQC, Ilana Wisby said that the raised funds enable us to bring quantum services for enterprise and R&D.

OQC is a Qunatum Circuits manufacturer that provides quantum computing as a service. After this round OQC announced the availability of OQC Toshiko. OQC Toshiko is an enterprise quantum computing solution specially made for data centers to help enterprises get the technology from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, OQC Toshiko is best suitable for energy, defense, and fintech departments in the colocation of its operations in Spain, the UK, and Japan.

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