Recently I successfully passed the 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam.


I wanted to briefly share the resources that I used to accomplish this. Here’s the list in no specific order:

Book: Exam Ref 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

I enjoyed this book, and although there were sections that I knew a lot of content from (i.e. Recovery Services, System Center/OMS, etc.), it helps to review the knowledge either way. I also posted a book reference with my highlights, which can be found here:




edX Course: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

I liked this course because it has assignments for each module; which help to reinforce the material and concepts. And it’s all completely at your own pace, which is nice.





udemy Course: 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification

This course was recommended to me by a colleague. At the time it was on sale for $19 versus the normal $155, so it wasn’t a big expense to invest.

Unfortunately, I found this course a little weak and disappointing. Even some of the content was inaccurate and wrong. The presenter at some points gave completely wrong information about certain services/features in Azure, or just effectively read the slides to you (which were too high-level).

For example, some of the sections in the training only contain 2 or 3 videos, whereas the Exam Ref book contained 20+ pages on that one objective.


I also have a lot of real-world experience in architecting Azure solutions; as I am a Solution Architect – Datacenter with my current employer (New Signature). It helps that I come from a Delivery/Consultant background, so I have experience with actual implementation as well.




Even though I didn’t actually use the Practice Test this time around; I would have utilized it had I not passed on my first attempt of the exam. So I would strongly recommend it as well.



I approached studying for this exam in a little different way than I usually do. This time, I would watch one section from the uDemy course, and then read the corresponding objective section in the Exam Ref book. I found this effective since some of the content in the course was light (or wrong); and there was much more detail/depth from the book.


I hope these reference, resources, and methodologies may be of some help to you as well.