Quantinuum Raises $300M At $5B Valuation

UK-based, Cambridge, a quantum computing company, raised $300 million led by JPMorgan Chase on a pre-money valuation of $5 billion in a fresh round.

The round was actively participated by Amgen, Mitsui & Co., and Honeywell. They are the majority shareholders in Quantinuum. After this round, the total funds raised to date by Quantinuum is $625 million.

Quantinuum Raises $300M At $5B Valuation

CEO Quantinuum, Rajeeb Hazra said these funds will help Quantinuum to push our dream toward reality to make computing much faster so that it can perform multiple calculations quicker and efficiently.

Last year, Quantinuum hit $1.2 billion in funding led by Microsoft to make super-fast quantum computers.

Many big enterprises are investing in quantum technology to make big returns as almost all the giants require this technology.

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