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Exam Resources – 70-535 – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Recently I successfully passed the 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam.

Although I have already passed this same exam, in 70-534 format/content only 18 months ago (to view the resources I used for that exam, look here), I decided to attempt this one. Because I had already passed the 70-534 exam, I was not required to pass this one.

But as my LinkedIn post states: “I did this, not because I had to, but because I wanted to push myself to keep up to date.”

I work with Azure on a daily basis (predominately in the Infrastructure space), both in the hands-on delivery of projects and in solution architecting. So this exam gave me an opportunity to evaluate if my skills and experience are still current.

But, enough of my reflecting, on to the resources!



I wanted to briefly share the resources that I used to accomplish this. Here’s the list in no specific order:


Book: Exam Ref 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Even though there is an Exam Ref book available for this exam, it was not available at the time I was preparing for this exam (it was released in June, and I had prepared to write this exam earlier).

However, I do enjoy the Exam Ref books and have posted several of my reviews under the Technical Book Reviews section.




Microsoft Azure Study Group

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a Microsoft-led Study Group.

What I appreciated about this study group, was that each week we would meet (via Skype), there would be a short PowerPoint presentation covering a specific (like Design Compute Infrastructure), and there would also be homework. The homework would consist of not only documentation to read, videos to watch, but also actual hands-on implementation material, to ensure you grasped the concepts.



I also have a lot of real-world experience in architecting Azure solutions; as I am a Manager (that actually performs hands-on work) in my current employer’s (Avanade) Cloud Infrastructure Consulting division. It helps that I come from a Delivery/Consultant background, so I have experience with actual implementation as well.



I also used the Practice Test from MeasureUp. The method I use is to go through all the available questions for a single category. This helps me to learn that topic better.


I hope these reference, resources, and methodologies may be of some help to you as well.

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