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Exam Resources – AZ-300/301/302 – Azure Solution Architect Expert

Recently I successfully passed the Azure Administrator Associate exams (comprised of either the AZ-300 and AZ-301 or AZ-302).

Interestingly, I actually wrote the AZ-302 exam first, since in the past I’ve written and passed 70-534 and 70-535. And, in the interest of full transparency, I failed it! But, from what I’ve seen on private email threads with Microsoft, the AZ-302 exam is very skewed towards developers. So much so, that Microsoft is going to release a revised version shortly!

Although I have already passed the 70-534 and 70-535 exam in the past, as of December 2018 all those previous 70-X exams are obsolete! So, we all have to write these new Azure exams, especially if our employers want to maintain their Gold/Silver partner competencies!

I work with Azure on a daily basis (predominately in the Infrastructure space), both in the hands-on delivery of projects and in solution architecting. So this exam gave me an opportunity to evaluate if my skills and experience are still current.

But, enough of my reflecting, on to the resources!

I wanted to briefly share the resources that I used to accomplish this. Here’s the list in no specific order:

Study Groups

Microsoft held some Study Groups for individual exams. What I appreciate about these, is that they not only provide you with some reading material (which is just pointers to the official documentation) but also homework that includes hands-on experience (i.e. via Microsoft Learn, etc.).

There are multiple study groups (one for each exam), which I will list/link to here for quick reference:

Microsoft Cloud Society

There are also some other courses available, via the Microsoft Cloud Society. These courses are similar to the OpenEdX course structure/layout, where they are “open” for registration within certain cycle periods.

What I like about this approach, is that each exam (i.e. AZ-300) is broken down into sub-modules to make it easier to complete, and also to focus on the area(s) you may need more experience with.

You’ll notice that I refer to these courses for the Azure Solution Architect exams as well.

Pluralsight Courses

Pluralsight also offers several “paths” with multiple courses therein, for each of the Azure Solution Architect exams. I will also list/link to them here for quick reference.

They do not yet have a path for the AZ-302 transition exam though. So if you’re planning on writing the transition, you may have to pick and choose which courses from each path are most applicable.

GitHub Labs

Recently, the Azure Architect Courseware Team has published some labs on GitHub for the 2 Azure Solution Architect exams:



I hope these reference, resources, and methodologies may be of some help to you as well.

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