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Exam Resources – AZ-500 – Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

When this exam was released back on April 1, 2019, I knew it was one of the exams I wanted to complete. I wrote it 3 days after it’s release. At the time, the exam was still in “beta”, which means I did not get my exam results immediately after completing the exam.

Rather, I had to wait until enough people wrote the beta exam, and for Microsoft to make any necessary adjustments to the questions therein, and re-score all those that wrote the beta.

Thankfully, I can announce that I successfully passed the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam.

I work with Azure on a daily basis (predominately in the Infrastructure space), which I feel helped me a lot with this exam, seeing that 35-40% of the exam is on Implement platform protection, which includes network security (i.e. NSGs, ASGs, connectivity, Azure Firewall, access management, etc.), resource management security (i.e. Resource locks, Policy, RBAC, etc.). So I felt fairly comfortable that I had a decent chance at passing.

I wanted to briefly share the resources that I used to accomplish this. Here’s the list in no specific order:

Study Resource List

At the time of my writing the exam, there weren’t very many courses, books, labs, guides, etc. available. In fact, the only reference material I had, was the study resources blog post by Pixel Robot (aka Richard Hooper), listing each exam objective and sub-objective, with a link to the documentation.

In my case, based on my current real-world experience, I didn’t read all the documentation, but rather, focused on the areas that I had limited or no experience with.


Here are some other resources (though I did not use them specifically for this exam), that provide good content in learning Azure security topics.

Udemy Practice Tests

Udemy currently has a course available on Azure AZ-500 Security Technologies Practice Test. It contains 3 realistic practice tests for the AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer exam, with 40 questions each.




Microsoft Cloud Society

The Cloud Society also has a course on Microsoft Azure Security Technologies available.

This course covers Identity and Access, Platform Protection, Security Operations, and finally Data and Applications.

It does expect you to have Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate level experience though.


Azure Security Workshop – Labs

This is a 9-part hands-on lab series, hosted in GitHub, with a focus on Azure IaaS Security. It covers topics like Network Security Groups (NSGs), Azure Firewall, the Web Application Firewall and Web Application Gateway, Azure Security Center, Storage security, Azure Active Directory, and even Azure DDoS Protection.



Microsoft Cloud Workshop – Security Baseline on Azure

The Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW) has a lot of valuable resources for learning a lot of different topics, from Application Development to Azure Infrastructure, and even Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and even the Internet of Things (IoT).

There is a specific course on “Security Baseline on Azure” that covers Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Network Security Groups, Storage Encryption, Azure Sentinel, Azure Policy, Azure Security Center, Key Vault, Azure Active Directory, etc.


I hope these reference, resources, and methodologies may be of some help to you as well.

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