While at the Microsoft MVP Summit this year, I was able to attend some of the pre-sessions on Sunday. These sessions are not under NDA, so we are permitted to share the content with others.

One session that I really liked was the “Rock Your LinkedIn Profile” session by Doug Winnie and Walt Ritscher.

Here are some great takeaways from the session.


7 Steps To Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Add a professional photo
    1. You will get 14x more views with a profile photo than without
  2. Write an attention-grabbing headline
    1. Explain what it is you do
    2. Show your passion and value
  3. Draft a compelling summary
    1. Focus on career accomplishments and aspirations
    2. Recommended 40 words or more
    3. Include keywords – not buzzwords
  4. Detail your past work experience
    1. You will get 12x more profile views than those without
  5. Add examples of your work in photos, presentations, and videos
    1. Give a dynamic, visually appealing representation of your professional story
  6. Add skills and get endorsed for them
    1. Include a mix of high-level and niche skills
  7. Include volunteer experiences and causes
    1. You will get 6x more profile views than those without


The session also had other really good suggestions, including the following best practices.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Articles

  • Would I click on that?
    • Use a headline that will encourage clicking
  • Write often
    • Stay top of mind
  • Share it
    • Improve reach and distribution
    • Use Posts


Best Practices for Videos

One of the easiest ways to capture attention is to pick up your phone and start filming

  • Start with a bang
    • You want to hook viewers quickly, either with a striking visual, or good opening line
  • Show it
    • Your followers want to see what you’re seeing. Show them!
  • The right length
    • Your followers are busy, keeping videos between 30 seconds and 5 minutes is a good guide. The “sweet spot” is around 3 and a half minutes.
  • Be yourself
    • Your followers will appreciate candid videos that are not overly produced or self-promoting