RunPod Raised $20M Seed Funding

New Jersey-based, RunPod, is an advanced tech company that helps developers in coding and deploying full-stack AI apps and programs, raised $20 million led by Dell Technologies Capital and Intel Capital in a Seed round.

The round was backed by Adam Lewis, Nat Friedman, and Julien Chaummond. After this round, VP and Senior MD at Intel Capital, Mark Rostick will join RunPod’s board.

RunPod Raised $20M Seed

CEO RunPod, Zhen Lu said, these raised funds are for platform development, hiring new resources, and accelerating growth.

RunPod is a cloud GPU platform provider that helps developers deploy custom AI (full stack) apps that use high GPU and resources. With RunPod, developers can scale their work without any hardware upgrade.

Moreover, RunPod offers Serverless GPUs and GPU Instances to train AI applications in one cloud so that any team member can access it regardless of location.

Zhen Lu said to the media that RunPos is growing exponentially because we provide the perfect balance between the required resources to develop full-stack AI apps and the support of all major tools so that developers have the freedom to launch whatever they want.

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