In the previous post in this mini-series, we created a NLB cluster, and added the first SCOM Management Server. Now we will add the second SCOM Management Server to the cluster.

Use the following procedure to add hosts to a Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster.

You can also perform the task described in this procedure by using Windows PowerShell. For more information about using Windows PowerShell for NLB clusters, see

When you are using Network Load Balancing (NLB) Manager, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the host that you are configuring, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority. If you are configuring a cluster or host by running NLB Manager from a computer that is not part of the cluster, you do not have to be a member of the Administrators group on that computer.

To ensure that Network Load Balancing Manager is displaying the most recent host information, right-click the cluster and click Refresh. This step is necessary because the host properties that Network Load Balancing Manager displays are a copy of the host properties that were configured the last time Network Load Balancing Manager connected to that host. When you click Refresh, Network Load Balancing Manager reconnects to the cluster and displays updated information.

As a reminder, we’ll break the articles/posts down into smaller pieces. Here is a high-level of each piece.

Step 1: Configure A Static IP Address

Step 2: Enable NLB on each Management Server > Install Network Load Balancing

Setp 3: Enable NLB on each Management Server > Create A NLB Cluster

Setp 4: Enable NLB on each Management Server > Add A Host to NLB Cluster


Let’s continue with the fourth step.

Enable NLB on each Management Server > Add A Host to NLB Cluster

Now that we have a Network Load Balance Cluster created, we can now add the second SCOM Management server to the cluster.

Let’s log into our first Management Server to begin.

Start by launching Server Manager, click on Tools, then click Network Load Balancing Manager.

Server Manager - Launch NLB Manager

Right-click the cluster where you want to add the host and choose Add Host To Cluster. If NLB Manager does not list the cluster, connect to the cluster.

Add Host To Cluster

Type the host’s name and click Connect. The network adapters that are available on the host will be listed at the bottom of the dialog box.

Add Host To Cluster - Connect

Click the network adapter that you want to use for Network Load Balancing and then click Next. The IP address configured on this network adapter will be the dedicated IP address for this host.

Add Host To Cluster - Connect2

Configure the remaining host parameters as appropriate, and then click Finish.

Host Parameters

Port Rules

Now our second Management Server has been added into the NLB Cluster.

Network Load Balancing Manager

When you launch the SCOM Console, enter the NLB Cluster name instead of a specific Management Server.

SCOM Console - Connect To Server

We have now successfully made the SCOM Data Access Service highly available.