Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with everyone an issue I recently encountered (though I am sure it is not specific to System Center 2012 R2).

After installing my first Management Server (which completed without issue), I then installed SCOM Reporting Server (on a dedicated SQL Server Reporting Server). After the installation though, there were no reports showing in the Reporting workspace. Literally, the workspace would show “loading” but no reports would load.

SCOM Reporting LoadingSCOM Reporting Empty

Odd, since the Reporting Server installed without issue, and the SQL Server showed the Reporting databases.

SCOM2012R2 Reporting Services

SCOM2012R2 Reporting Server DBs

I tried many different things to correct the issue. I deleted/re-created the Reporting databases (through the Reporting Server Configuration console), but that didn’t fix it.

I tried repairing the SCOM Reporting Server installation, no result.

I even reviewed the following resources, trying to find and resolve the issue.

SCOM Reporting Workspace Empty Resources:

Even in checking the Reporting Server site, it appeared to be missing all the SCOM reports.

SCOM2012R2 Reporting URLSCOM2012R2 Reporting Web Service

So, what’s going on?

Let’s go and check the Log files. You can find them in the following location: %LocalAppData%SCOMLogs. From this location, open the OMReporting.log file.

Search the log file for the line entry “Product: System Center Operations Manager 2012 Reporting Server — Installation operation completed successfully.”

This shows that the Reporting Server was installed properly. So, where are the reports?

As per this TechNet article…

To confirm the health of Operations Manager reports

Open the Operations console, and select the Reporting workspace.

NOTE: After initial deployment, reports can require up to 30 minutes to appear.

Click Microsoft ODR Report Library, and then double-click any of the reports listed. The selected report is then generated and displayed in a new window.

By default, you should see the following reports:
  • Alerts Per Day
  • Instance Space
  • Management Group
  • Management Packs
  • Most Common Alerts
Close the report window.
In my case (perhaps due to resources), it took more than 60 minutes for all of my reports to appear; but, eventually they did.
SCOm2012R2 Web Service URL (Completed)
SCOM2012R2 Report Manager URL (Completed)
Well, hopefully this has helped someone that has encountered a similar issue like this.