SCOM ACS Dashboard in OMS

A few months back, Wei Lim from Microsoft published a blog post about Mapping ACS Reports to OMS Search Queries.

Being a SCOM guy, this interested me, since if you’ve ever worked with SCOM, and more specifically Audit Collection Services (ACS), it can be a complicated component to setup. I remember working with a Microsoft PFE (Bryan Zabchuck) years ago on a new SCOM deployment, where Management wanted to include ACS. The question was posed: “What exactly do you want to audit?” with the typical answer of “everything”. It was emphasized that implementing ACS was 80% planning, and 20% execution. Because if you just turned it all on, it was like drinking from a firehose. So, needless to say, ACS is complex, and can be a large influx of data.

But, about a month after the referenced article was published by Wei Lim, he posted another article entitled ACS Dashboard in OMS: Your Audit Report Highlights in a Glance. In this article, he maps out step-by-step on how to create the views to effectively get ACS level reporting within OMS.

OMS ACS Dashboard

OMS ACS Dashboard

So, I decided to try it. I followed the steps provided, used the exact views, queries, etc. And all worked out well.

Custom ACS Dashboard

Custom ACS Dashboard

Then I got to thinking, since we now have the ability to import and export custom OMS solutions, why not export it and make it available to everyone? So that’s what I’ve done.

Note: In order to use the ACS Dashboard view, you need to have the Security and Audit solution in your OMS Workspace.


Important note: I take no credit for the queries, layout, views, etc. All credit goes to Wei Lim and the various individuals he worked with. I just used his guide to create the Solution file.

Here’s the Solution file: Audit Collection Services (ACS) Dashboard

Update: This solution is now available in ARM template form, which you can read about here: The OMS ACS Dashboard Solution – Now on GitHub!

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