Management Group Names Must be Unique

When you deploy both a Service Manager and data warehouse management server, you are asked to provide a management group name. You are also asked to provide a management group name when you deploy Operations Manager. The management group names that you use for the Service Manager management group, the data warehouse management group, and the Operations Manager management group must be unique.

Important: If Operations Manager and Service Manager share the same management group name, you will have to reinstall the Service Manager management server. Because it is not possible to rename a management group, you will either have to completely reinstall Service Manager with a different management group name or choose not to manage your Service Manager installation with Operations Manager.

Database Collations

You must use the same supported language collations if you intend to import data from Operations Manager into Service Manager. However, this is true only for the OperationsManager database in Operations Manager and the SM DWStagingAndConfig database when you create an Operations Manager Data Source for the data warehouse. Specifically, this appears in the Service Manager console as a Data Warehouse Data Source. This does not affect either the System Center Operations Manager to System Center Service Manager Configuration Item connector or the System Center Operations Manager to System Center Service Manager Alert Incident connector.

System Center 2012 – Operations Manager

System Center 2012 – Operations Manager is supported by Service Manager and Service Manager SP1 for connectors and agents. However, only corresponding System Center versions are supported when you register a data source in the Data Warehouse workspace.

System Center 2012 – Operations Manager agents were not supported with System Center 2012 – Service Manager. However, the agent that is automatically installed by System Center 2012 – Service Manager SP1 is compatible with System Center 2012 – Operations Manager and System Center 2012 – Operations Manager SP1. After Service Manager Setup completes, you must manually configure the agent to communicate with the Operations Manager management server.

To validate that the Operations Manager Agent was installed, open Control Panel and verify that the Operations Manager Agent is present. To manually configure the Operations Manager agent, see Configuring Agents.

Changing the Account Configuration for an Agent

You can use the following procedure to change the account that the agent will use when performing actions requested by the management server.

To change the account configuration for an agent

On the agent-managed computer, in Control Panel, double-click Operations Manager Agent. (In the category view of Control Panel in Windows Server 2008, Operations Manager Agent is in the System and Security category.)

Change Account Config For Agent 01

On the Management Group tab, select a management group and then click Edit.

Change Account Config For Agent 02

In the Agent Action Account section, edit the account information and then click OK.

 Change Account Config For Agent 03