Hello everyone, if you have been following along with my guides, you should now have the Service Manager Management Server and Warehouse Server installed.

We have a lot of configuration to go through. To start we will register the data warehouse.

With an account that is a member of the Service Manager and data warehouse management administrators group, log on to the computer that hosts the Service Manager console.

In the Service Manager console, select Administration.

RegDW 01

 In the Administration pane, expand Administration.

RegDW 02

In the Administration view, in the Register with Service Manager’s Data Warehouse area, click Register with Service Manager Data Warehouse.

 RegDW 03

In the Data Warehouse Registration wizard, on the Before You Begin page, click Next.

 RegDW 04

On the Data Warehouse page, in the Server name box, type the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the computer hosting the data warehouse management server, and then click Test Connection. If the test is successful, click Next.

 RegDW 05

On the Credentials page, you can accept the default entry in the Run as account list, and then click Next, or you can enter credentials from a user or group of your own choosing.

RegDW 06

On the Summary page, click Create.

 RegDW 07

On the Completion page, when The data warehouse registration succeeded appears, click Close.

RegDW 08

A dialog box states that the report deployment process is not finished. This is to be expected. On the System Center Service Manager dialog box, click OK.

 RegDW 09

In a few minutes, after you close the Data Warehouse Registration Wizard, the Data Warehouse button will be added to the Service Manager console. In the Service Manager console, click the arrow at the lower right corner of the Service Manager console buttons, and then click Show More Buttons.

RegDW 10

Now we have the Data Warehouse registered.