In the previous post of this series, we were introduced to the SCUtils Knowledge Base add-on. In this post, we will review the System Requirements and other points about use of the product.



According to the Vendor’s Installation Guide, the SCUtils Knowledge Base add-on is comparable with the following versions of System Center Service Manager (SCSM):

  • System Center 2012 Service Manager
  • System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager
  • System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager


System Requirements

The Service Manager self-service portal consists of two main parts: a Web Content Server and SharePoint website.

On all servers that host the SharePoint website the Service Manager console must be installed.

NOTE: Based on the installation instructions, the add-on will be installed on the Self-Service SharePoint Web Content server.


Demo Version

The Vendor also provides a demo version of the product to try out (in a non-Production environment), before you decide to purchase it or not.

According to the Vendor: “The free demo version is fully functional and offers every feature of the product. The only limit is a length of the article’s text.” So that’s also a nice touch. I will be using this demo version in my lab for this series.

Now that we know what is required to setup/use the product, what’s next? Installation of course. In the next part this series, we will cover the Installation for the product.