Knowledge Base Extension for System Center Service Manager

In the previous post of this series, we walked through the Post-Installation configuration for the SCUtils Knowledge Base add-on. In this post, we will see the product in action.

Working With The Web Part

Now that the new Web Part is installed and configured, if you have any Published Knowledge Articles, they will now appear on the main Help Article page.

The web part on the page consists of two default lists:

  • Last Modified – the articles that have recently changed in descending order.
  • Top Rated – the best rated articles in descending order.

It is possible to search for articles by the ID (e.g. KA54), title, keywords, and text fragment.

With the search feature you can use the wildcards: symbols * (asterisk) and | (vertical bar).

* – this symbol matches zero or more characters. It is used the prefix of a word or phrase when you search by the word fragment.  Examples:

  • serv* (possible results – serv, serve, service, servant, server, etc.);
  • log* (possible results – log, logged, logic, logarithm, etc.);
  • serv* log* (possible results – server’s log, service logging, etc.).

«|» – logical OR. It is used when you search a single word out of two or more words in the article.

SCUtils KB - 17 - Help Articles

Each article has its unique URL so that it could be added to Favorites in a browser for the reference and future use.

Now that we have seen the SCUtils Knowledge Base add-on in action, what’s left? Well, in case you encountered any issues, the next part this series will cover troubleshooting.