Skydio Raised $230M Series

California-based, Skydio, a drone maker in the US, raised $230 million at $2.2 billion led by Linse Capital in a Series E funding round.

The total funds brought in by Skydio is $562 million. The round was backed by Next47, Andreessen Horowitz, DoCoMo, IVP, Walton Family Foundation, NVIDIA, and UP.Partners, and new investors are Axon and Hercules Capital.

Skydio Raised $230M Series

CEO Skydio, Adam Bry said that the raised funds will be used for expansion, product research, and accelerated growth. Skydio is a tech-drone manufacturer that produces advanced AI-integrated unmanned flying vehicles. Skydio has a manufacturing unit in California. Skydio is registered and approved by the US Defence Department and the US State Transportation Department.

Moreover, Skydio has recently announced Skydio Dock and Dock Lite for Remote Operations enabling users to use drones without an operator. Also, new Skydio projects will break the traditional barrier of flying drones under sight. The new fully remote operational drones can be operated beyond the line of sight.

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