In our previous post, we completed the Installation and Configuration of SMTrak. However, if your web server did not have an active Internet connection, you were not able to activate the trial license (which was the case in my lab). So, that means you need to perform an Offline License Activation. Here are the steps provided by the Vendor’s Deployment and Configuration Guide.

The Offline Activation process allows you to activate SMTrak on a web server that is unable to contact the Internet.

The SMTrak licensing process will automatically fail over to the Offline Activation mode if Online Activation is not successful. The Offline Activation process consists of generating a license request file from the web server. This is an XML file with details of your license and your server.

Email the file to licensing@signatureconsultancy. The licensing team will email you back your license validation.


Here are the specific steps from the guide:

If Online activation fails, Offline Activation will be enabled automatically as shown below.

NOTE: Even though this screenshot is from the previous version, the process/steps are identical in the latest version.

SMTrak - Settings - Activate License (Offline Mode)

Press the Submit button on the form shown above. (License Key should be already entered, if not just enter your license key).

When prompted, choose a location to store the Offline License activation request file and click Save.

SMTrak - Settings - License File

Email this file to use for subject line: [SMTRAK Activation Request].

NOTE: The SMTrak licensing team is available Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT +2) to process any activation request. While waiting for the activation file, you can close the SMTrak Settings Page.

Once you receive your license Activation email, on your webserver browse to SMTrak settings page http://WebServerName:8090/Settings.

Type your license Key and click submit to activate. When online Activation fails, you will be prompted for offline activation.

Select the option to “upload validated file” from the list.

SMTrak - Settings - Upload Validation File

Click browse to select the Validated file you received by email, then click Submit.

SMTrak - Settings - Upload Validation File - Browse

Your license details will be displayed.

SMTrak - Validated License Information

If you have come to this post from Part 3: Installation And Configuration, return to that post to continue on. Else, that’s it!


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