Sound NFTs $20M Series

California-based, Sound is a Web3 platform for music that recently raised $20 million led by a16z crypto in a Series A round.

The round was actively backed by Scalar Capital, Palm Tree Crew, Collab + Currency, A Capital, Coop Records, Sound Ventures, Crush Ventures, Archetype, Snoop Dogg, Coinbase, Tay Keith, Ryan Tedder, Paul Rosenberg and others.

Sound NFTs $20M Series

CEO of Sound, David Greenstein said that funds raised will enable Sound to accelerate growth, R&D, and launch products to the public.

Sound is a Web3 platform that uses Layer 2 and Ethereum chains to enable artists to mint their songs as NFTs and sell them.

Moreover, Sound gives artists full control over the song/music including how they want to release it, and how they price it, no middleman, even an artist will receive 100% of earnings and publishing rights (Sound has no issue with that).

Also, Sound rewards listeners too. You can collect songs and make a playlist; once your playlist is loved by others, you will get rewarded for discovering good music. On Sound, a music listener can discover songs by independent artists, push songs to their followers, group chats with artists and music lovers, and earn money by sharing songs.

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