Recently, I was contacted by Squared Up and asked if I would do a review of their product. Since I’ve reviewed other third-part products in the past, of course I would be willing to review this one.

For reference, although not SCOM-based, here are some other products that I have reviewed:

So let’s get started. This series will cover the Squared Up HTML 5 Dashboard and Web Console.



The Squared Up dashboard is a modern HTML5 dashboard that helps you easily visualize, and change your SCOM data into actionable content.

This is superior over the “current’ 2012 R2 SCOM web console, since it is purely HTML5 and has no requirements for Silverlight. That being said, the SCOM 2016 TP3 web console still does rely on Silverlight, but this may change by the time RTM is released.



Here is just a subset of the features for these dashboards. For full details, see Squared Up’s website:

  • Any Browser, Any User, Any Device
  • Interactive Drilldown
  • Health & Availability Dashboards
  • Service Level Dashboards
  • Performance Dashboards
  • KPI Dashboards


So let’s start by looking at the Prerequisites to this tool.