Taalas Raised $50M By Pierre Lamond & Quiet Capital

Taalas Raised $50M By Pierre Lamond & Quiet Capital

Canada-based, Taalas, a chips manufacturer for deep learning models raised $50 million led by Pierre Lamond & Quiet Capital in two different rounds.

After this round, many changes have been announced in the company board. The founder said that the raised funds would be used for expanding operations.

Taalas Raised $50M For LLM Chips

Lejla Bajic, Drago Ignjatovic, and Ljubisa Bajic founded Taalas Inc. in 2023 to solve the silicon chips demand and supply issue. Ljubisa said that Taalas is working on the implementation of a deep learning model in a single chipset so that a single chip can hold the entire AI program without requiring any external support.

Moreover, Taalas will manufacture the LLM (Large Learning Model) chips by the end of the third quarter of 2024 and the same will be available for users in early 2025.

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