TheyDo Raised Additional $34M By Blossom Capital

Netherlands-based, TheyDo, an AI-integrated journey management platform raised an additional $34 million led by Blossom Capital.

The total funds brought in by TheyDo is approximately $50 million. The round was actively backed by InnovationQuarter and Arches Capital (ex-investors)-also Steven Van Belleghem, 20SALES, and HighSage Ventures joined them.

Netherlands-based TheyDo Series Capital $50M Chin Axios

As reported by Kimberly Chin Axios, CEO of TheyDo Jochem van der Veer said that the funds raised will enable them to integrate advanced AI, open wings for R&D, and hire customer representatives to accelerate growth.

TheyDo is an AI-integrated platform that helps users to plan and manage their journey easily. Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Polestar, Home Depot, and many more use TheyDo for businesses.

Moreover, TheyDo have a team of 70 people across the globe, and management is focusing on hiring new talent in the company.

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