OK, so I guess that’s not how the nursery rhyme goes. But you have to admit, it fits for our day-and-age of IT, and especially Microsoft Azure.

In Microsoft Azure, aside from all the “do-it-yourself” options in IAAS, other technology services running in PAAS, etc. there is actually a Marketplace as well.

There are several ways that you can access the Marketplace. In the “Management” portal, there is an option in the left-hand menu for ‘Marketplace’.

Mgmt Portal - Marketplace
Mgmt Portal – Marketplace

And within the “Modern” portal, there is a tile for ‘Marketplace’.

New Portal - Marketplace
New Portal – Marketplace

Since the “Management” portal just basically lists everything, I’ll stick to the newer “Modern” portal, since it includes groupings/categories, have a search function, and thus makes it easier to find what you’re looking for (or discover new things). It even has a “What’s new” focus area, to draw your attention to new offerings.

Modern Portal - Marketplace List
Modern Portal – Marketplace List

In the Azure Marketplace, you will find thousands of certified applications pre-configured for Microsoft Azure. It allows you to easily deploy and quickly leverage the power of the cloud.

The Virtual Machine section of the Azure Marketplace is where you can deploy certified pre-configured software images for your Linux or Windows Server VMs from industry-leading software providers and from Microsoft.

So as an example, if we navigate to the Compute category, and within the Azure Certified sub-category click ‘More‘, we will be shown a list of pre-configured and certified apps ready for deployment.

Modern Portal - Compute - Azure Certified - NewSig CMP App
Modern Portal – Compute – Azure Certified – NewSig CMP App

An interesting example is the free New Signature Cloud Management Portal VM for Microsoft Azure which helps you easily monitor and manage your Azure subscriptions. Dashboard and reporting features help you stay on top of your Azure current and past consumption and expenditure. You can slice and dice Azure usage based on logical groupings and accounting needs, and control access to who can view or modify invoicing. The Cloud Management Portal lets you manage invoicing across all corporate subscriptions, and enables you to get insights into budgeting, trending and capacity planning.

Modern Portal - Compute - Azure Certified - NewSig CMP App - Details
Modern Portal – Compute – Azure Certified – NewSig CMP App – Details

So get started today and check out the Azure Marketplace: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/.