Spellbook Raises $20M Series A Funding Round

Toronto-based, Spellbook, an AI co-pilot platform for lawyers raised $20 million led by Inovia in a Series A round.

The round was actively backed by Bling Capital, The Legaltech Fund, Thomson Reuters Ventures, Concrete Ventures, Good News Ventures, Moxxie Ventures, N49P and Path Ventures. After this round, the total funds brought in by the company is $30 million.

AI-Powered Spellbook $20M Series

CEO Spellbook, Scott Stevenson said in a meeting that the raised funds will be used to scale and expand our services to 30,000 law firms. Spellbook is working on the most advanced AI tool that can mimic the style of a lawyer, draft contract letters for lawyers with full accuracy, and help automate workflow end to end for individual lawyers or companies.

Spellbook is an AI power co-pilot for lawyers. It is one of the best and most advanced AI that can help lawyers to automate their workflow easily. Spellbook is based on the GPT-4, and optimized and updated with new legal data according to the Government rules.

Moreover, Spellbook is used by more than 1700 law firms and their associates. Spellbook AI helps them draft the most efficient, advanced, and accurate decisions in the proceeding.

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