Totus Medicines Raised $66M Series B

California-based, Totus Medicines, a biotech, covalent therapeutics, and drug development & discovery company raised $66 million led by DCVC Bio in a Series B round.

The round was actively backed by Camford Capital, North Pond Ventures, and the Regents of the Minnesota University.

Totus Medicines Raised $66M Series B

After this round, Totus Medicines announced its new CEO, Dr. Nassim Usman, a Ph.D scholar. Nassim said that Totus Medicines will evolve the platform, start a new Totus clinical program, and work on expansion. Also, Dr. Neil Dhawan, Totus co-founder, and CSO will be joined as head of the R&D department and CSO.

Totus Medicines is a new-age biotech company that works on small-molecule drug discovery. Totus Medicines combines AI/ML with a DNA-encoded covalent library that allows them to screen clinical trials of thousands of drugs simultaneously.

Dr. Nassim is a renowned Ph.D. scholar and served as CEO at Catalyst Biosciences. His extensive medical and bio-engineering background made him perfect for the Totus Medicines board.

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