trawa Raised €10M By Balderton Capital In Seed

trawa Raised €10M By Balderton Capital In Seed

Germany-based, trawa, a producer of green and clean energy raised 10 million Euros led by Balderton Capital in the seed funding round.

AENU, Magnetic, TinyVC, and Speedinvest actively backed the round. The total funds brought in by trawa is US $12 million.

Germany-Based trawa Raises €10M in Seed

David Budde founded trawa in 2020 intending to reduce carbon emissions and move to clean energy for sustainable living. David Budde said that the raised funds will be used to adapt new tech such as AI and integrate it into our clean energy production so it helps us to expand our operations.

trawa is a future energy service that works to produce clean energy for sustainable living. trawa also offers AI-integrated power walls that help businesses and homes purchase/generate, store, and manage energy according to their requirement.

Moreover, trawa AI simplifies the complex mathematics of energy consumption by combining different energy sources. With this users can check their long-term energy procurement without subsidy and identify a plan of action to save on bills by optimizing their energy consumption.

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