True Anomaly Raised $100M Series B

Colorado-based, True Anomaly, a manufacturer of advanced software and hardware systems, raised $100 million led by Riot Ventures in a Series B rounds.

The round was actively backed by ACME Capital, Eclipse, Narya, Menlo Ventures,, 645 Ventures, FiveNine Ventures, and Champion Hill Ventures.

True Anomaly $100M Series By Riot Ventures

CEO True Anomaly, Even Rogers said in an interview that the raised funds will be used for the expansion of various teams, and product development so that we can focus on accelerating growth.

True Anomaly is an advanced hardware manufacturer that provides solutions for sustainability, and accessibility in space security. They provide hardware for AI and spacecraft to deliver the best performance.

Moreover, True Anomaly provides solutions in various domains such as space security, non-earth imaging, and rapid response missions for the US government and private space agencies. True Anomaly opened a GravityWorks spacecraft facility with more than 100 employees.

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