What Happened To Pan's Mushroom Jerky After Shark Tank?

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky was appeared on the ABC’s Shark Tank in Nov 2020. After the episode aired Pan’s Mushroom Jerky got amazing marketing.

If you are a vegan, you must know Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. Michael Pan founded a plant-based snack made up of shiitake mushrooms. Michael’s traditional recipe made this snack an amazing fit for everyday snacking. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky has an umami taste that satisfies your taste buds without compromising your vegan diet.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is rich in vitamin D and fiber and doesn’t have soya and gluten.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Journey

Michael spent his entire life in America. But his life changed when he visited his hometown in Malaysia. He became so fascinated with rich culture and traditions. There he also learned about mushrooms and their benefits as his forefathers were vegan Buddhists. When he came back to Vancouver, he turned its tradition into business. He started Pan’s Mushroom Jerky with shiitake mushrooms in 2018.

What Happened To Pan’s Mushroom Jerky In Shark Tank

In 2020, Michael was invited to the Shark Tank. Their Mark Cuban, Mycoskie, and Lori Greiner immediately interested in investing in Pan’s Mushroom Jerky after tasting it. He asked $300,000 against a 10% stake in his company.

But, the deal was closed at $300,000 against an 18% stake on a valuation of $1.66 million. Its sales increased immediately and within 24 hours Pan’s Mushroom Jerky sold $650,000 of Jerky and closed $1 million in sales after appearing on the Shark Tank.

Net Worth

In 2024, Micheal Pan said that they are operating more than 3500 stores across America. They have added new flavors to their product lineup. The company is growing exponentially with annual sales reaching $5 million, and all the investors making huge money.

In 2024, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Net Worth and valuation reached $5 million four times bigger than the Shark Time episode.

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Micheal Pan’s company Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is doing great after the Shark Tank. The company is still in business and has shown exponential growth.

I love this stuff. The taste is great and I love the chewy texture. I’d buy more. – Suzanne Thompson

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